Porc des blés noirs

Digital, Video

The project

Promote the profession of pig breeder in a market in search of meaning.

Porc des Blés Noirs’strength is its authenticity. With a full range of products from conventional agriculture such as buckwheat-based food, short-circuit distribution, quality pork the brand aims to reach a wide audience, including the Breton diaspora and Asian countries. Our mission is therefore to materialize the brand’s existence and develop its reputation with a brand strategy that clearly shows its commitment to quality. 

Our expertise allows us to build this strategy with the aim of activating communication and generating revenue. 

Branding : graphic charter, visual identity, logo, signature, administrative variation, print.
Website : development, uploading, photo shooting, writing.
Social networks : account settings, community management.
Marketing campaign : POS, space purchase (regional daily press, magazines), emailing.

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